2018 Championship Event Re-Scheduled

Fellow Racers,

I know we were all disappointed to not race at VIR a couple of weekends ago, but Mother Nature (in the form of hurricane Michael) once again reminded us it's not nice to not fool with her. After a lot of discussion amongst the series directors, here's how we'll determine our 2018 champions:

The Finale event for 2018 will be held May 11-12, 2019, at VIR. That event will also be a "regular season" weekend for those signing up for 2019.

  • This retains the "three weekends plus a championship event" philosophy our program is based upon

  • It stays at the track originally designated for the 2018 championship event

  • VIR is the most centrally-located track for our membership

  • It gives everyone who wants to at least six months to make plans to attend the event

Here's how it will work:

  • The 2018 Regular Season is over, and all current members have established their "Best Five Races" total going into the Finale

  • Both races at the May 11-12, 2019, VIR event will be added to each 2018 member's Best Five to determine our 2018 class champions

  • That event will retain all the hoopla and national recognition we would have gotten this past weekend

  • In addition, both those races will count towards each 2019 member's (which we hope will be most of you) Best Five that will be used to determine our 2019 champions

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