V8RRS Sebring Registration is Open

Fellow Racers,

Got word yesterday that registration is now open for our first V8RRS weekend, the February 13-14 event at Sebring. The attached Supps have all the information, but here are the highlights:

o This event will be using the full 12-Hour course and paddock

o There is NO Practice Day on Friday!

o V8RRS cars will run in Group 1

o The dates in the Supps are wrong - Saturday is Feb 13 and Sunday is Feb 14. Regardless, here's the plan:

- Sat: 15-minute Practice, 20-minute Qualifying, 20-minute Race #1

- Sun: Hardship warm-up laps to start the day, then 30-minute Race #2

o Register for the SCCA portion of the event online at www.DLBRacing.com.

o We don't have V8RRS event registration automated yet, so if you're interested in earning V8RRS points just reply to this email letting me know and we'll work out the details. Click HERE to send email.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments let me know, otherwise we'll see you at the track…


Butch Kummer

V8RRS Director of Competition




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