Getting to Know: Ricky Sanders

Meet V8RRS Board Member Ricky Sanders.

Ricky Sanders and his legendary racing family have been involved in racing for over 50 years. He has raced in the NASCAR Truck Series, NASCAR Nationwide, ARCA, the former Hooters Pro Cup Series, Asphalt Late Models and is currently racing in the SCCA Pro-Racing Trans Am Series. Ricky has raced in over 350 races, 25 racing series, and over 150 tracks across the country from Super Speedways to Dirt tracks to Road Courses. He has a passion for what he does likes to race anything and everything with an engine. Along with a driving career Ricky also has several business centered around motorsports. In the mid 90s along with a machinist friend they founded Billet Race Products manufacturing quick adjusting suspension components to Late Model racers around the country. In 2000 was launched after years of building one off Pitboxes. Starting with a line of five standard boxes, it has grown to 25 standard boxes along with many custom boxes. Customers range from entry level motorsports to the top ranks along with customer outside of motorsports such as military, medical and display fields. Having a passion for support equipment for racing in 2004 was started to help racers sell or purchase race related Toterhomes, Motorhomes, Stacker and liftgate trailers.

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