GT1 Rules

The GT Category is intended to provide the membership and interested manufacturers with the opportunity to compete in purpose built, highly modified replicas of series produced automobiles.  To that end, cars shall be classified in GT Classes based on their competitive potential.  In simplest terms, the GT1 cars are the baddest of all the classes in the category.


Although the cars “resemble” their production counterparts, most of them are about as “stock” as something you’d see in NASCAR.  Most are purpose-built, tube frame cars where the only parts you can find at a dealer might be the taillights.  The top GT1 cars have engines approaching 800 hp with 16” wheels with racing slicks, massive brakes, swoopy bodies, and wings/splitters to help keep them on the ground.  The class is heavily populated by current and former TransAm series Corvettes, Mustangs, Jaguars, and Camaros, and they will most likely be the fastest cars in the race on any given weekend.


Full ruleset GCR search phrase – “GT1 Category”