Let's Go Racing!

Looking to get Started with V8RRS, but have some questions?


Don't know how to get started?  Have some specific questions to see how your car fits into the series?  Here is a good place to start!

Why should I race with V8RRS?


Victory laps, podium celebrations and after event socials are all nice, but the two biggest reasons people attend events are (1) excellent venues and (2) good competition.  By targeting a limited number of weekends at “bucket list” tracks around the country, we maximize your chances of having someone to race with regardless of your experience or preparation levels.  Add in the consistency of event administration and the atmosphere of camaraderie at V8RRS events, and it really makes sense to come race with us if you have the chance.


What classes are included?


V8RRS tracks points and presents awards in ten different classes, all of whom currently race together.  AS, ASR, GT1, GT2, GTA, SPO, T1, and T2 use the current SCCA rules while GTSC (Stock Car) is a V8RRS-only class for former NASCAR/ARCA stock cars as well as higher horsepower Late Model stock cars.  In 2017 we added the ITO class for modified production cars on DOT tires.  If you’ve got a V8-powered race car, we’ve got a class you’ll fit in.


Who is running this show?


V8 Road Racing Promotions LLC has five equal partners – Butch Kummer, Mark Mercurio, Willie Mullins, Ricky Sanders, and Vern Smith.  Cumulatively this team has over 200 years of road racing experience in big V8 race cars including team ownership, race prep, driving, and event organization.  This is a racing series run BY racers FOR racers.


Why should I become a V8RRS member?


The $200/year V8RRS membership allows you to earn points towards our class championships and also makes you eligible for merchandise discounts with our sponsoring partners.  A list of those benefits is available under the “Partner/Sponsor Links” thread on our forum: http://forums.v8roadracingseries.com/


Each member will also receive a “welcome package” consisting of a windshield banner, two series decals (one for each side of the car), two WCIParts.com decals (also for each side of the car), and a uniform patch.  Extras of each of these items can also be ordered from the Online Store on the website.


How do I become a V8RRS member?


Click the “Join Now” button on the V8RRS website: http://www.v8roadracingseries.com/  Memberships expire on December 31 of each year, but anyone joining after September 1 of a given year will be automatically rolled over to the following year as well.


Can I join V8RRS at the race track?


Absolutely!  We’d prefer you sign up prior to your first race weekend so we can have your information for the (optional) “V8RRS Compound” that we’ll be setting up at each track, but you can also join up at the event and still be eligible for points and awards starting with that event.  And since most of our events will be run in conjunction with an existing SCCA event you can always race without signing up with us, but then you’d forego the advantages of being a part of the V8RRS community.


What about a license?


The “easy button” is to be an SCCA member and hold an SCCA Full Competition License.  Traditionally that involves attending an SCCA Drivers’ School but other options are available as well, particularly if you have prior racing experience.  To the uninitiated the SCCA path can appear to be a daunting journey, but let us know (through the “Connect” tab on the website) and we’ll explain your options and help guide you through that process.


Will I need a log book for my race vehicle?


Yes.  Again the “easy button” is an SCCA log book with a current annual inspection but for those V8RRS events run with other organizations you’ll need a log book from a recognized racing group (HSR, NASA, ChumpCar, etc.).  Again, let us know and we’ll help you out in that regard.


What will the typical weekend format look like?


It will vary depending on the venue and organization we’re partnering with, but the typical weekend will have a single qualifying session on Saturday with a shorter “sprint” race that afternoon, then a quick warm-up session on Sunday morning with a 50-mile “feature” race soon after lunch that day.  Most events will also have a separate test day on Friday for those that want the extra track time.


What V8RRS staff will attend each weekend?


At least one of the V8RRS partners will be at most of the events, and there will also be a V8RRS  Series Chief Steward (Toni Creighton), and a Series Administrator / Series Tech Coordinator (Jim Creighton) at many events.  The series staff will be consistent for each V8RRS event, so they’ll get to know the competitors and provide a sense of continuity across all our weekends.


How will compliance inspections be handled?


The V8RRS Tech Coordinator will be attending each event and will work with the event staff to conduct both pre and post-race technical inspection.  Because the V8RRS staff is only concerned with nine classes and one run group, their compliance testing will generally be more extensive than what is typically found at Club Racing events.  You won’t be taking your car home in a box, but (where appropriate) you’ll be checked for more than minimum weight and Nomex socks.


What if I’ve got an issue at one of our events?


There are few things more daunting than dealing with the bureaucracy at certain local events, so if you find yourself wondering what to do find our Series Chief Steward (Toni Creighton), our Series Administrator (Jim Creighton – he’s the munchkin-looking character who’s looking at your car on the grid), or any of the V8RRP partners in attendance and we’ll help you out.


How do I enter a V8RRS event?


Once you’re a V8RRS member nothing else is needed from our standpoint, however you’ll also need to register with the partner organization for each event.  We’ll provide instructions on how to do on the forum plus be available to assist you if necessary.


Will there be V8RRS reserved numbers available?


Because we’ll be working with a number of different organizations across half the country there will “officially” be no reserved numbers for V8RRS competitors.  That said, if you have a specific car number you want to run let us know and we’ll work with event officials to maximize the chances of you getting to run that number at any given event.


What is this “V8RRS Compound” that was referenced earlier?


Whenever possible, we plan to designate a specific area in each paddock where the V8RRS competitors can congregate if they choose to do so.  Besides adding to the social aspect of the event (i.e. – bench racing!), being in the “Compound” also facilitates technical assistance and support if needed.


How are the class champions determined?


Points will be awarded for each race (two races per weekend) on a 25-21-18-17-16 basis for first through fifth, then decreasing by one point through twentieth place.  In addition, you will receive one Bonus point (up to a maximum of ten) for each person you finish ahead of.  Each driver counts their best five (5) race points finishes during the season then adds the results of both races at the Season Finale weekend to determine each class champion.  In the case of a tie, finishing position in the final race of the year will determine final placing.


What if I have additional questions?


If you have questions or suggestions, let us know through the “Connect” tab on the website and someone will get back to you with within 48 hours.