Announcing the V8 Road Racing Series!



Continuing in 2019 there’s a program for those that want to compete using big American V8’s in road racing events.  This program builds upon the very successful V8 Stock Car series that targeted specific events to provide enhanced competition in the Big Bore classes, but V8RRS expands the concept even further. 


To encourage participation by a maximum number of drivers, series events will be held at major tracks covering the eastern half of the country and most participants are within an 8-hour drive of at least three locations.  While running as many weekends as possible certainly improves one’s chance of doing well, it is entirely possible to contend for a championship by racing three weekends plus the season-ending Championship Event held at a relatively central location.   


V8RRS – Where America’s V8 Road Racers Come to Play! 


The program details:

  • Ten eligible classes – AS, ASR, GT1, GT2, GTA, GTSC, ITO, SPO, T1, T2

    • GTSC is a series-defined classes for high hp stock cars.

    • ITO is a series-defined class for highly modified street cars on DOT tires.

    • All other classes are per SCCA’s current General Competition Rules (GCR).

  • Points will be awarded to series registrants in each class as follows: 

           1-25 2-21 3-18 4-17 5-16 6-15 7-14 8-13 9-12 10-11

           11-10 12-9 13-8 14-7 15-6 16-5 17-4 18-3 19-2 20-1

  • In addition, each driver receives a bonus point for every competitor s/he finishes ahead of up to a maximum of ten (10) bonus points. 

  • All weekends will be double race events. The weekend format can vary, but typically there will be a single qualifying session, a shorter “sprint” race of approximately 25 minutes, then a longer (50 miles) “feature” race to conclude our weekend. 

  • Series members will count their best five (5) race points finishes during the 24-race season, then add the results from both races in the season-ending event (the Finale). 

  • Any ties will be broken by each driver’s finishing position in the last race of the year. 

  • V8RRS membership is $200.

  • Each V8RRS membership includes:

    • “At your paddock spot” tech (including annual tech) at many events

    • Consistency in series officiating plus assistance if/when dealing with organizational bureaucracy

    • At-track paddock coordination (the “V8RRS Compound”) & socials

    • 1 series windshield decal, 2 car decals, 2 sets of series sponsor decals & 1 uniform patch

    • Eligibility for earning series points

    • Individual race awards

    • Season-ending class awards & prizes

  • The series will collect a separate fee of $50 that’s in addition to the weekend entry fee collected by the host organization.

  • ALL monies collected in excess of series expenses will be returned to the racers via season-ending awards! 


What is V8RRS?