How Are Points Calculated?

  • There are ten eligible classes – AS, ASR, GT1, GT2, GTA, GTSC, ITO, SPO, T1, T2

    • GTSC is a series-defined class for high hp stock cars

    • ITO is a series-defined for modified sports cars on DOT tires

    • All other classes are per SCCA’s current General Competition Rules (GCR).

  • Points will be awarded to series registrants in each class as follows:

           1st-25  2nd-21  3rd-18  4th-17  5th-16  6th-15  7th-14  8th-13  9th-12  10th-11

         11th-10   12th-9  13th-8  14th-7  15th-6  16th-5  17th-4  18th-3  19th-2  20th-1

  • In addition, each driver receives a bonus point for every competitor s/he finishes ahead of up to a maximum of ten (10) bonus points.

  • All weekends will be double race events.  The weekend format might vary but typically there will be a single qualifying session, a shorter “sprint” race of approximately 25 minutes, then a longer (50 miles) “feature” race to conclude our weekend.

  • Drivers will count their best five (5) race points finishes during the 30-race “regular” season, then add the results from both races in the season-ending event at VIR.

  • Any ties will be broken by each driver’s finishing position in the last race of the year.